Miami-Dade schools tentatively plan for october reopening

By: | July 31, 2020

For the Miami-Dade school district, all students will start the year with distance learning.  Face-to-face, classroom instruction will resume in October, if the pandemic cooperates.

There is a plan of action in place in case a student or teacher tests positive for coronavirus. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said that a positive test would not necessarily result in the “wholesale shutting down of a school,” but rather that “mitigation strategies” would be taken to isolate all individuals who may have been exposed.

The district says it will announce on September 30th whether the area’s coronavirus numbers have gone down enough to open up schools, which would happen on October 5th in the best-case scenario. If that happens, students will choose between going to school every day or continuing distance learning from home. The hybrid options, which would have combined both, have been eliminated.

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