Louisiana school expands library, adds classroom wing

By: | July 27, 2018
Photo credit: Preston Wyatt

A renovated, expanded library and a new 8,840-square-foot wing with four classrooms now stand at Donaldson Primary School in Louisiana.

CHALLENGE: From 2009 to 2012, enrollment at Donaldson Primary rose from 573 to 611. So Ascension Parish Public Schools decided to add more classrooms.

The district also renovated and expanded the primary school’s library. “The library had to grow with the rest of the school to accommodate student needs” says Construction Coordinator Ryan Moran of Ascension Parish.

SOLUTION: The expanded 1,466-square-foot library now features a new circulation desk, more student seating, and free-standing and wall-mounted bookshelves. The library has fresh carpeting, paint and ceiling tiles, and a new air conditioning system that can cool the enlarged space.

The school’s new wing contains four 900-square-foot classrooms with updated furnishings, including sinks, cubbies, cabinets, bookcases and desks. Whiteboards and projectors with wall-mounted screens have also been added.

“We have the most efficient, education-friendly, operable and maintainable building that we could afford” says Moran.


BUDGET: $2.3 million

PROJECT TEAM: Architect: BBI Architects (Baton Rouge); contractor: Acadiane’ Renovations (Franklin, La.)

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