Leveraging technology to keep staff and students safe

SafeSchools Training System manages compliance training and helps prevent serious safety incidents
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November 28, 2017

SafeSchools Training is being used by thousands of school districts across the nation, including 40 of the 100 largest. These districts have access to a comprehensive library of expert-authored online courses, in addition to the ability to automatically document and track safety and compliance training in one online system. The SafeSchools Training System covers key safety and compliance topics in school-focused courses such as Active Shooter; Bloodborne Pathogens; Bullying; Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting; Diversity Awareness; School Violence; Sexual Harassment; Slips, Trips and Falls; Student Mental Health; Youth Suicide: Awareness and Prevention; and more.

What problems were you having training staff before adopting SafeSchools Training?

Before adopting SafeSchools Training, the responsibility to administer compliance training rested with school administrators. While our administrators do an excellent job of addressing all of their responsibilities, if something fell through the cracks it was often safety compliance training.

What are the benefits of providing staff training through an online system?

Since adopting SafeSchools Training in 2011, our staff can now easily log in to our custom system and complete assigned training on their own time, at their own pace. We can assign state and federally mandated training to all employees—including Bullying: Recognition & Response and Youth Suicide: Awareness & Prevention courses—and automatically track compliance.

How can school districts ensure their staff is getting the training they need?

We have to change the culture and help people see why there should be an emphasis on safety. By providing engaging online courses on key safety issues, we make it convenient for everyone to complete their mandatory training. Our staff receives email notifications of training assignments and reminders for outstanding assignments, and we can track training completions and download compliance reports, so we know who has and has not done their training.

Do you see a benefit to providing students with safety training, too?

The benefit of training students on key safety topics is the health and safety of the children, in addition to liability mitigation. In Utah when students get hurt in school, if they want relief, it is typically going to be through litigation. Student safety becomes a priority for school districts, which can either pay in advance through increased safety training, or pay for it afterward in litigation.

Washington County School District, headquartered in St. George, Utah, is home to more than 28,000 students and 3,500 employees in 48 schools. Staff members have completed over 50,000 SafeSchools Training courses to date.

For more information, visit www.safeschools.com