Leading a Culture of Risk, Failure and Innovation

Date of broadcast: Tue, 05/15/18

Before transformative change can occur in a school system, the culture must be ready for it. Fostering a culture where new ideas are welcomed, risks are taken and failures are learned from will enable innovation to flourish and lay the groundwork for the success of any initiative.

At the Arcadia USD in California, administrators have created a thriving culture of innovation for all staff and students. Initiating a 1:1 program, piloting a Personalized Learning Lab school, implementing a new approach to PD and creating a digital communication internship are just a few examples.

Attend this web seminar with the leadership team from Arcadia USD to learn how to build and lead a culture of innovation in your district, how to make organizational changes that overcome traditional barriers to innovation, and how to quickly implement changes that often take districts years to accomplish.

Scheduled speakers:

David Vannasdall
Arcadia USD (Calif.)

Scott Bramley
Chief Technology Officer
Arcadia USD

Ryan Foran
Chief Communications Officer
Arcadia USD

Greg Gazanian
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
Arcadia USD

Who will benefit: Administrators interested in technology, 1:1 initiatives or student engagement. Anyone may attend.