K12 presentation systems

By: | March 20, 2018

Educators and school administrators want touchscreen panels and projectors that not only display content, but support audience participation during presentations. Multiple users can now mirror their device’s screen onto displays and stream presented content onto their phones, tablets or computers.

Routers allow the transfer of content from a presentation system to multiple devices within a secured network.

Meanwhile, more sound systems, microphones and remotes feature wireless technology that allows presenters to move around freely.

55-inch Mondopad INF5522AG

InFocus Corporation

This interactive touch screen gives teachers a special stylus to annotate over images and videos from various devices. Presenters can also email or save content to cloud-based services, including Dropbox. The 1080p Mondopad supports video-conferencing and has a camera, remote, wireless mouse and keyboard.


PowerLite L-Series


L-Series projectors, available this summer, produce 4,500 to 6,000 lumens. They can connect wirelessly to 50 devices and project four screens simultaneously. These projectors run for approximately 20,000 hours before requiring maintenance. Teachers can install them upside down, right-side up or at an angle.


Core XJ-V10X LampFree projector


This projector lasts 20,000 hours and reduces power consumption by 40 percent. Regular and Pro models consume .23 watts and .4 watts respectively in standby mode. LampFree projectors offer seven brightness levels, up to 3,300 lumens. Audiences can see generated content in the daylight.


VoiceLift Pro

Extron Classroom

This package features a handheld and pendant microphone. It comes with a charging station and receiver that passes audio to a separate AV system. The audio doesn’t interfere with other internet connections or presentation systems. VoiceLift Pro supports two microphones and can send e-mail and text message alerts.



Promethean World

Teachers and students can write on this interactive flat-panel screen simultaneously with a special pen and erase with their palm. ActivPanels project content from mobile devices and connect with Bluetooth devices, including robots. Models come with dual 10-watt or 15-watt stereo speakers.



wePresent, offered and supported by Barco

This router can mirror four screens simultaneously onto separate presentation displays. Presenters can queue 32 other devices to be mirrored on the display and preview their content. The router lets users stream content on their device and use on-screen apps. It also features data encryption.


PR500-R Wireless Presenter Remote


This handheld remote generates a red laser that’s approximately two times more visible than standard. Presenters—after plugging a receiver into a USB port—can link the remote wirelessly to PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe PDF and macOS files, and change slides from 65 feet away.


ViewSonic PX747-4K

ViewSonic Corp.

These projectors generate 3,500 lumens and can cast content in 4K resolution over 38 feet away. They feature technology that reduces power consumption and extends lamp life by up to 15,000 hours. Teachers can control these devices with a backlit remote control.


XD Solo

Audio Enhancement

This wireless sound system features a 1-inch horn and 8-inch woofer that generates 105 decibels. The 17.25-inch-tall system automatically lowers the volume of music when someone speaks into a paired microphone. It comes with built-in rechargeable batteries and a handheld remote.


Journey 13 Series


Presenters can interact in a variety of ways with these touch screen flat-panel displays—they can even annotate over movies. These displays mirror Mac and PC screens, and paired tablets work as remotes. Apps include Office 365, Chrome and Airplay, which lets users stream presented content on their devices.


Long Life series


These projectors project phone and tablet screens. They generate 2,700 to 3,200 lumens and last for approximately 10,000 hours in standard mode. Presenters can send and display text messages, audio alerts and PC content. The series’ mobile app also serves as a remote.


TapShare TS20


This wireless presentation system consists of a box router and multiple pods that transfer content from external devices onto a display (not included). The system—over an encrypted connection—can mirror four screens simultaneously onto a display. TapShare also supports reverse control from a touch TV.


TRUTOUCH FB Series Interactive Display


Teachers and students can draw and write on these 65-, 70- and 80-inch display screens simultaneously, using their fingers, an included pen or other touch devices. Audiences can connect their devices to the display without having to plug them in.




This app assigns codes to rooms containing presentation displays. Presenters first download the app onto the device they want to mirror, then enter the code of the room in which they want to present. The app will mirror that screen onto the corresponding display for a presentation.


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