IXL approved for adoption across Idaho

IXL Learning, the K-12 personalized learning platform used by 7 million students, announced that the Idaho State Department of Education has approved IXL Language Arts for use in K-5 classrooms statewide. This adoption makes it easier for Idaho schools to implement IXL’s research-backed platform to help learners at all levels make strides in literacy.

IXL is already being used by thousands of students across Idaho. Coeur d’Alene Public Schools has experienced the positive impacts of IXL, particularly in their intervention program. “Our most fragile students have come to rely on IXL to support their growth to grade level,” said Dr. Michael Nelson, the district’s director of curriculum and assessments. “IXL is engaging, adaptive, and correlates well with our educators’ individual work with these students to help them grow.”

IXL was selected for adoption in part because it “tailors impeccably well to individual students through constant adaptations and scaffolding,” according to the Department of Education’s evaluation. Aligned to the Idaho Content Standards, IXL offers 2,000 skills that help students develop reading comprehension skills, writing strategies, grammar fluency, and more. Learners also receive personalized guidance through the curriculum, helping them work on the right skills at the right time.

For teachers, IXL Analytics provides actionable insights so they can respond to learning needs more effectively. The Trouble Spots report, for example, uncovers the concepts students are struggling with the most so that teachers know where to focus their efforts. And, IXL’s Continuous Diagnostic pinpoints students’ reading levels in real time and shows teachers how to help learners fill their knowledge gaps.

“IXL makes it simpler for teachers to accomplish the essential, but often challenging, task of personalizing their reading and language arts instruction,” said Paul Mishkin, CEO of IXL Learning. “We are looking forward to expanding access to IXL Language Arts in Idaho and helping even more students make meaningful progress in their learning.”

A study of IXL’s impact on 10 states, including Idaho, found that schools using IXL Language Arts outperformed schools without IXL by 4 percentile points on the Smarter Balanced assessment. Gains were even larger among low-income and rural schools (17 percentile points) and in schools with a high population of English language learners (19 percentile points).

In addition to English language arts for K-12, IXL covers math, science, social studies and Spanish, and is aligned to the Common Core and all state standards. IXL offers 10 free practice questions each day for students not subscribed to IXL; subscribers can practice unlimited questions across all grade levels. IXL is available online and as an app for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets. For more information and to subscribe to IXL, please visit www.ixl.com.

Media, please note: Screenshots of IXL may be downloaded at www.ixl.com/press/media-resources. For demos and access to IXL, or more information about IXL’s research, contact press@ixl.com.

About IXL Learning

IXL Learning is dedicated to creating the best educational technology possible. Currently used by 7 million students and by schools in 95 of the 100 top districts, IXL is an integrated learning platform that effectively supports personalized learning in math, English language arts, science, social studies and Spanish. Built on comprehensive K-12 curriculum and guidance, actionable real-time analytics and the IXL Continuous Diagnostic, IXL gives teachers the tools they need to differentiate instruction and help students achieve mastery. To learn more about IXL, visit www.ixl.com, facebook.com/IXL and twitter.com/IXLLearning.


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