Industry News: LockOut, Renaissance, Carolina Biological Supply Company, Spectrum Industries and Science A-Z


Benzie Central Schools (Michigan) has purchased the LockOut SmartBoot security system, which pairs physical room entry deterrent devices with Bluetooth technology. The district has also installed LEDs through LockOut’s lighting division.

Alabama schools will now annually screen all K2 students for dyslexia using Renaissance Star Early Literacy, a computer-adaptive assessment approved by the Indiana Department of Education. Older students will also be screened when needed. 

The California Department of Education has approved Carolina Biological Supply Company‘s Building Blocks of Science 3D curriculum for K5 because it meets the California Next Generation Science Standards. Schools are not required to buy this resource, but the approval streamlines the purchasing process. 

Administrators in the Fall Creek School District (Wisconsin) had Spectrum Industries customize their Builder and Discover carts. The Builder Cart now stores learning materials, and features slide-out and flip-up shelves so students have more building space. The Discover Cart can now store and charge 10 devices.

The New Mexico Public Education Department has adopted the Science A-Z curriculum as a supplemental science resource for elementary schools. The curriculum is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core. 


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