Improving the Effectiveness of PLCs

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Date & Time: Thursday, May 25 at 2 pm ET

The use of professional learning communities (PLCs) is recognized as one of the most powerful and effective strategies to drive sustained school improvement. When teams of educators collaborate to pursue common instructional goals, use data, and plan curriculum effectively, it can result in professional growth for teachers, improved academic achievement, and a healthier school culture.

Unfortunately, many PLCs don’t accomplish these intended goals. What are the keys to ensuring professional learning communities are effective and impactful?

In this webinar, experts in PLC implementation will outline some practical strategies to improve the effectiveness of these collaborative communities in any school or district.

Topics will include:

  • Why many PLCs fail to live up to their potential
  • How to build a culture of collaboration among teachers across a school or district
  • Ways to grow beyond data collectors to becoming data users
  • Which tools can make PLCs easier for teachers to create and use effectively


Julia Dewees, Ed Tech TOSA, Capistrano USD (Calif.)
Noel Gomez, Former Teacher and Principal, Assessment Specialist, Instructure
James Seaman, Former Teacher, Regional Director, Instructure

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