Improving Student and Family Participation

Date of broadcast: Tue, 07/20/21

Schools nationwide experienced challenges with attendance and student participation during COVID-19 and are now grappling with ways on how to improve student success going forward. In this web seminar, district leaders from Lansing Public Schools and Massena Community Schools will discuss the successful strategies and simple intervention measures they implemented to improve student enrollment and engagement for the upcoming school year.

As you’re looking ahead to the fall and planning what that should look like, this webinar will help build your knowledge about attendance interventions and student enrollment strategies that should be on every district’s must-have list for the 2021-22 school year.


Cordelia Black
Executive Director of School Culture
Lansing Public Schools

Dr. Liesel Carlson
School Improvement Data Integration Specialist
Lansing Public Schools

Pat Brady
District Superintendent
Massena Community Schools

Kristin Colarusso-Martin
Community Schools Director
Massena Community Schools

Joanna Smith
Founder and CEO

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