How to Support Positive Math Classrooms

Date of broadcast: Wed, 04/08/20

Despite the best efforts of K-12 educators, too many students lose interest in math, or even give up on it altogether. It’s crucial that educators, schools and districts address underlying issues that contribute to negative emotions about math, and create math-positive classrooms.

Attend this web seminar with Raj Shah, founder of Math Plus Academy and McGraw-Hill author, to learn some practical strategies to support positive math classrooms in your district.


Topics will include:

  • Why students give up on math
  • 3 key steps for building math enthusiasm and achievement
  • Strategies teachers can use to help students develop a growth mindset


Scheduled speakers:

Raj Shah

Founder, Math Plus Academy

McGraw-Hill author


Who will benefit:

Administrators interested in math instruction or curriculum. Anyone may attend.

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