How to Scale an Esports Program that Captures Students’ Love for Gaming

Date of broadcast: Thu, 11/14/19

Esports has become a hit with students and educators alike as the benefits expand to include digital citizenship, team building, positive social development, and places of inclusion. Scaling esports programs requires not just student interest, but also an administrator’s vision, stakeholder buy-in, and academic and cybersecurity policies.

Attend this web seminar to hear how the technology and esports director for Camden Promise Charter Schools in New Jersey formed a club, adopted new technologies, and gained support for gaming. Attendees will also learn from an industry expert who will share tips on how to standardize equipment and implement an esports curriculum as part of a CTE pathway. 

Key points:

  • Investing in devices and incorporating esports into STEAM education
  • Crafting a 4-year esports curriculum aligned with industry standards
  • Selecting and vetting games and engaging in leagues and tournaments
  • Leveraging esports as a tool to engage students and boost their learning


Joshua Fleig
Technology Director
Camden Promise Charter Schools (NJ)

Joshua Kell
Esports Integration

Who will benefit: Administrators interested in esports, gaming, and interactive learning. Anyone may attend.