How to Implement Predictive School Operations

Date of broadcast: Tue, 03/10/20
Many school administrators don’t have adequate insight and access into the crucial data needed to make the most informed decisions about their facilities operations. As a result, most districts operate reactively, which is inefficient and expensive.

Predictive school operations is key to maximizing the efficiency of school facilities operations. By using the right data effectively, administrators can forecast future needs and allocate resources more strategically.

Attend this web seminar to learn how to implement predictive school operations in your district, and how this strategy can help administrators in any school system to maximize their time, budget and resources.

Chris Fierer, Director of Data & Analytics at Dude Solutions, will lead a lively discussion on:

  • Why working predictively is important & how to get there
  • What questions you should be able to answer about your operations
  • Tools that can help simplify the process
  • What you’re able to do when you work predictively

Scheduled speakers:

Chris Fierer

Director of Data & Analytics

Dude Solutions

Who will benefit:

Administrators interested in school operations or facilities. Anyone may attend.

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