How to Implement Predictive School Operations

Gaining insight into important facilities data
By: | Issue: May 2020 | Web Seminar Digest
May 1, 2020

Many school administrators don’t have adequate access to or insight into the crucial data needed to make informed decisions about their facilities operations. As a result, many districts operate reactively, which is inefficient and expensive. Predictive school operations is key to maximizing efficiency. By using the right data effectively, administrators can forecast future needs and allocate resources more strategically.

This web seminar discussed how to implement predictive school operations in a district, and how this strategy can help administrators in any school system maximize their time, budget and resources.


Chris Fierer
Director of Data & Analytics
Dude Solutions

Chris Fierer: More and more in our everyday lives, we see data permeating everything. And there’s always the question: What can we do with that data?

In schools, we look at student performance data and teacher performance data. We also look more broadly at basic budgetary guidance and economic data that helps different cities, regions and states make decisions about how they continue to maintain schools.

How do you set the right foundation for your team and operations? Ultimately, you want richer reporting and improved decision-making for your organization. A lot of the answer lies in how you’re supporting change management and driving efficiencies. As an individual and as a team, you want to ask yourself: “Where have I been? Where am I today? Where am I headed?” Next is thinking about the mission you’re on. How is what you’re doing affecting your people on a day-to-day basis, both directly and indirectly?

Following up on those questions, you want to look at three things: What reports, what dashboards and what key performance indicators (KPIs) do we want to begin to measure? What kind of information do we need to pull together so that we can start to discuss the questions we had earlier? The dashboard provides a heads-up display of everything going on that may be related to a certain question. KPIs are the different metrics and insights that we’re tracking to improve our organization. We want to make sure that we’re measuring the right stuff. How do we as a team make something better and push ourselves to improve an area of our organization?

Our industry is always changing, and you’re consistently being asked to do more with less. Using data and software is a great way to make your teams more efficient. When you have to do more with less, that means you have to figure out exactly where to put your time and attention. Data can help.

In addition, this is a tremendous opportunity for predictive operations. We want to help you think about your place in the school facilities-operations story—and how it fits into a bigger story that includes other teams at your organization or other campuses around the country—by using data from both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint.

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