How Multiple Districts Nationwide Are Moving 1:1 Initiatives To Critical Remote Learning Infrastructures

A District Administration Web Seminar

1:1 has taken on a new meaning during COVID-19. 1:1 is no longer an initiative, but rather a critical part of the remote learning infrastructure for K-12. In this web seminar, speakers from nonprofit agency Learn21 and Sycamore Community Schools will share best practices and lessons learned from consulting over 300 schools nationwide on how to improve their 1:1 initiatives.

Learn how school systems’ everyday 1:1 rollouts need to change to meet the demands of remote learning, such as:

  • fundamental elements for success
  • infrastructure needs
  • chromebook deployment requirements and action steps to make 1:1 a critical part of the infrastructure
  • new indicators needed for day-to-day operations
  • incident requirements
  • fleet management and reporting strategies
  • the ins-and-outs of TCO
  • how to align with partners to provide supporting evidence of learning and engagement


William Fritz
Director of Technology
Sycamore Community Schools
Executive Director

Kevin Ghantous
IT Operations Manager

This event is sponsored by Acer for Education, Google for Education and Intel.

Acer for Education, Google for Education and Intel.

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