How many educators will serve in public office?

November 8, 2018

After months of suspense, the results of the midterm elections — arguably some of the most important the nation has seen in years — are in. The stakes are high, with voters weighing in on issues like healthcare, immigration and President Donald Trump’s controversial tenure. Among the top issues this election cycle is education, and this year, educators took matters into their own hands by running for public office.

A September analysis by the National Education Association (NEA) said 554 educators were on the ballot this fall. But a month later, this already unprecedented number more than doubled, reaching nearly 1,800 current and former educators running for state legislative seats — which is said to be a new record for a single election cycle.

These educators launched campaigns to be governors, members of U.S. Congress, state legislative seat holders and local representatives, but not all of them took home the prize.