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How Companies and Agencies Can Work with Our Editorial Department

We welcome input from vendors and their public relations agencies. Here are guidelines for working with us most productively:

Pitching stories

We work from an editorial calendar, so no matter how compelling or timely your pitch may be, we won’t be able to drop other planned content to cover your suggested story. If your pitch is aligned with a story currently on our editorial calendar, we may file it for reference when we assign that story. If your pitch is not aligned with a planned story, we may file it away for reference when we next update our editorial calendar. Incidentally, the best months to send us story ideas are March and September, which is when we plan the semi-annual updates to our editorial calendar.

Contacting editors

Your primary contact should be Executive Editor Eric Weiss, who can be reached at Please do not send your pitches and press releases to multiple editors. Also, there is no need to send us repeated follow-ups to your pitches; if you don’t hear back from us, you can assume that your pitch was not relevant to our editorial plans.

When to contact us

If you would like to contribute to a story on our editorial calendar, contact us a full four months prior to when the story is scheduled to be published. That’s when we’ll be planning and assigning the story.

Product reviews, company profiles and executive interviews

District Administration does not conduct or publish product reviews. Company profiles, interviews with executives and product implementation stories are treated as sponsored content and should be arranged through one of our advertising sales representatives.

Industry News

For news that you’d like to see published in the Industry News section of DA Daily, send the press release to Our editors look primarily for news about new product releases and major implementations. It is not necessary to send your press releases to multiple editors. We do not accept embargoed press releases; please only send releases that are authorized for immediate publication.

PR Portal

You may also post your press releases on our PR Portal, which is a fee-based service. Once you have an account with our PR Portal, you may post press releases to it as often as you like. If you want a press release posted on the portal to also be considered for inclusion in DA Daily, you must send the release separately to

Editor Briefings

As a courtesy to current and prospective advertisers, our editors are pleased to conduct 30-minute off-the-record briefings for your key personnel. These briefings can be arranged through your regional advertising sales representative.