How 15 educators from across U.S. helped students make sense of the Capitol chaos

By: | January 8, 2021

Teachers across the country faced their students Thursday with a gut-wrenching task: Talking to them about the violent insurrection that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol less than a day before.

In D.C., where the breach of the Capitol building by pro-Trump supporters falsely claiming election fraud was in teachers’ and students’ own backyards, one educator drew historical parallels to white aggression at Woolworth lunch counters. A Minnesota teacher’s class discussed the limitations of the First Amendment. Students in both a Colorado and New York City educator’s class compared Wednesday’s police reactions to those of the Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

“There need to be lessons, [class] discussions about what is happening right now. What led up to this,” Washington Teachers Union president Liz Davis told The 74. “Because it didn’t happen in isolation.”

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