Help educators navigate stressful situations

By: | October 18, 2019

To support school leaders, LRP Publications announces the release of, Stress Stoppers! An Educator’s Guide to Tense Situations, part of a 3-book series aimed at supporting adult social and emotional learning.

Teaching is a rewarding yet demanding career. With long hours and a heavy workload, it’s easy to fall prey to teacher burnout. Without proper support, teachers are in danger of being overworked and not taking care of their own mental and physical health needs. Using scenarios universal to all educational settings, this book provides practical strategies and approaches for help readers understand, the effects of stress on mental health, easy-to-implement practices for self-care, and effective ways to proactively handle stress.

Stress Stoppers! An Educator’s Guide to Tense Situations is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.