Guidance gap: The biggest challenge we face and how to close it

April 9, 2019 | Getting Smart

The innovation economy job market is changing fast. New jobs are being created, old jobs are being augmented by smart technology, and jobs based on repetitive rule application are going away. Faster and cheaper alternatives to traditional higher education are gaining traction. A few high schools are propelling graduates into lucrative technical careers. There are more learning options than ever.

With more career pathways and more learning options, guidance is more important than ever. Young people that have access to informed guidance and an opportunity to test out a variety of career pathways through work-based learning have a big leg up. In fact, the guidance gap may be a bigger barrier to more young people achieving success in life than the achievement gap.

Sustained advisory relationships are the key to closing the guidance gap. While the human touch will be key for the foreseeable future, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasing role in supporting advisory relationships.

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