Gaining access to experienced mediators and coaches

February 28, 2019 | Peace Peddlers

Mediation and coaching services are now available to teachers and students in schools across the globe through a unique program called, “Project: Peace Now.” Developed by Peace Peddlers, Inc. (, the program provides an efficient and user-friendly online platform where teachers, school administrators, and guidance counselors will have quick access to experienced mediators and coaches.

Peace Peddlers believes that as our world becomes more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, the potential for violent conflict increases; therefore, we must counteract this by offering programs to prevent and resolve conflict, before it turns violent. Peace Peddlers plans to accomplish this by using online web conferencing for constructive dialogue and problem solving—especially by way of the K-12 classroom.

USA Today reported the following about school violence in an August 14, 2018 article:

Schools saw 279 violent incidents during the 2017-18 school year, up from 131 the previous year, according to a study by the Educator’s School Safety Network, a national non-profit school safety organization…The uptick can’t be traced back to a single cause, according to Amy Klinger, director of programs at the Educator’s School Safety Network and co-author of the report. She said the main reason schools are seeing an increase in violence is because not enough preventive action is taken until it’s too late.

Preventative action is something Peace Peddlers wholeheartedly embraces and provides, according to Peace Peddlers founder and CEO Jason Salyer. Mr. Salyer states, “As we emerge from the most violent century on record, the need for programs designed to prevent violent conflict has never been clearer. At Peace Peddlers we are passionate about the potential to reduce school violence by providing programs that empower students with the knowledge and skills to peacefully resolve conflict. There is a window of time when young minds are still forming and that is the perfect time to learn the building blocks of peacemaking. Everyone ought to know how to resolve conflict—especially the students of the world as their understanding of conflict resolution is our best path out of this growing hostility.”

In addition to Project: Peace Now, Peace Peddlers will soon begin offering online courses to students and teachers in subjects such as effective communication, emotional intelligence, negotiation, and collaborative problem-solving.

About Peace Peddlers: Peace Peddlers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing peace education and conflict intervention programs to schools around the globe. Peace Peddlers core mission is to build a more peaceful world by mobilizing and deploying resources for conflict resolution training and interventions.

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