Florida Supreme Court rejects lawsuit claiming education is not ‘high quality’

January 7, 2019 | The Associated Press via ClickOrlando.com

A sharply divided Florida Supreme Court is rejecting a lawsuit claiming the state isn’t living up to its constitutional requirement to provide a “high quality” education for all.

The 4-3 decision Friday essentially renders meaningless a 1998 constitutional amendment approved by Florida voters that sought to strengthen guarantees for K12 education.

The ruling ends a nearly decade-long lawsuit challenging school funding. It was filed by parents, students and advocacy groups.

The ruling says that the lawsuit isn’t one that should be settled by the courts, but is rather a matter for the Legislature. It also said the constitution doesn’t define what a high quality education should be.

Dissenting justices sharply criticized the ruling, noting that many poor and minority students are not receiving the same quality of education as others.

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