How a district conducted daily wellness checks during schools closures

Duval County Public Schools' virtual homeroom kept everyone connected this past spring
By: | June 18, 2020

Staff and educators at Duval County Public Schools made daily phone calls to check on the wellness of all district families while schools were closed this spring.

Social workers and other staff visited the homes of families who couldn’t be reached by phone, Regional Superintendent Marianne Simon said during a webinar this week on lessons Florida districts learned during school closures.

Both of those efforts will continue into the fall, she said.

The district also launched a virtual “Duval Homeroom” platform on Microsoft Teams to facilitate communication between teachers, students and parents.

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As planning continues this summer for the upcoming school year, Duval administrators may have to shift teachers to the district’s virtual school should a significant number of families choose not to send students back into school buildings, she said.

A key lesson is ensuring students have all the resources they need—including remediation—to keep pace with schoolwork whether they are in-person or remote, Simon said.

“We had the same expectations for students during online learning as we did while they were in schools,” Simon says.

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