Flights of fancy

The Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Technology program at Duval High School in Maryland recently graduated its first class of 43 students.

For a senior research project, one of those students met with third-graders at an area elementary school. She used music and dance to teach the students the forces of flight—lift, thrust, drag and weight.

“Although this scholar has decided to pursue music education, she is using her experience to bring important connections to other students” says Felicia Martin Latief, the STEM instructional supervisor at Prince George’s County Schools.

Latief describes that student’s initiative as STEAM at its best—a true integration of science, technology, engineering, arts and music.

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“Without the benefit of high-quality, technology and engineering-focused career technical education, future students may not have the expertise and aptitude to do that” she says.

Kelley R. Taylor is a freelance writer specializing in law and education.

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