#FETCchat: Engage, empower and amplify every voice

Next #FETCchat highlights creative communication between teachers and students
By: | June 18, 2021

The #FETCchat hashtag is the key on Twitter to a weekly professional learning network of ed-tech educators sharing ideas on how to accelerate learning.

Recent topics, which you can still explore using the hashtag, include inclusive learning and global connections.

The next #FETCchat, which kicks off at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, will focus on instructional technology that opens new channels of creative communication for students to display the skills they are developing.

Ann Kozma, an educator innovation lead at Microsoft, will guide the Twitter chat about how the Flipgrid platform allows educators to amplify and empower voices in the classroom.

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“When students are allowed to create and demonstrate their skill or understanding in new ways, engagement and motivation is transformed,” Kozma says. “To me, creative conversation means voice and choice – and is driven by the student rather than the teacher.”

Kozma will also offer some ideas about how students can use this ed-tech to create content for authentic audiences and how teachers can open up new feedback loops with their learners.

I always look forward to Twitter chats as a way to learn with and from others,” Kozma says. “I truly believe that we are all #BetterTogether and #FETCchat is one way for an inspiring group of educators to come together, explore ideas, share resources, and walk away with new tools and strategies to transform teaching and learning in their community.”

#FETCchat participants include teachers from all grade levels and positions, as well as librarians, CIOs, special ed teachers, principals and instructional coaches, among other educators.

“The overall purpose of our FETC chats is to bring together our community for authentic conversations where participants share ideas, resources, strategies with each other to improve teaching and learning with technology,” says Jennifer Womble, Future of Education Technology Conference® program chair and moderator of #FETCchat.

And some log in from different time zones and corners of the globe, which means the conversation continues well into the night and the following days. The resources and comments shared will live online in the conversation strand so they can be referenced in the future, Womble says. “It is free professional development and professional learning with no borders or limits on time or place,” she says. “There is a ‘better together’ attitude of the participants that they can all learn from one another through reflection and sharing.”


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