Fauci: ‘Non-workable’ to vaccinate teachers before schools open

Anthony Fauci said that vaccinating all teachers against Covid-19 before reopening schools is “non-workable,” wading into an issue that has taken center stage for the Biden administration amid the ongoing pandemic.

“If you are going to say that every single teacher needs to be vaccinated before you get back to school, I believe quite frankly that’s a non-workable situation,” Fauci told “CBS This Morning.”

Fauci’s assessment of vaccination plans for teachers laid down a marker that others in the Biden administration have thus far been unwilling to match amid a heated debate over reopening schools. On CNN recently, Symone Sanders, spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris, repeatedly declined to answer directly whether teacher vaccinations are necessary to reopen schools, insisting instead that teachers should be “prioritized” for vaccination.

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