Expert Panel: Confronting the Next Normal with a Focus on Mental Health

Date of broadcast: Wed, 05/05/21

A District Administration Web Seminar

There are many priorities facing school administrators as we wrap up this school year and plan for the next. As you know, the mental health of our students and staff must be at the top of the list because until they feel safe at school, physically, socially and emotionally, there will be no opportunity to close a learning gap or address other academic concerns.

Join the panel discussion featuring leading minds in the industry, including Dr. Scott Poland (suicide prevention), Dr. Dewey Cornell (behavioral threat assessment), Dr. Crystal Ladwig (social-emotional learning), Todd Wagner (anonymous tip reporting) and Dr. Gary Margolis (language analytics). Moderated by CEO JP Guilbault of Navigate360, the panel will share insights about the ways schools can identify and manage students who may need mental health support as well as the myriad resources available to help focus on Maslow before Bloom.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:

  • Learn the value and role of leading threat detection and prevention tools designed to help students get the help and support they need
  • Understand the emotional stress students of all ages are facing and the impact this can have on your resources
  • Hear how SEL practices can support your efforts and empower students to handle their emotions and challenging situations


JP Guilbault

Dewey Cornell, PhD.
Forensic Clinical Psychologist
University of Virginia

Scott Poland, Ed. D.
Dir., Suicide/Violence Prevention Office
NSU Florida

Crystal Ladwig, PhD.
Dir., Research/Content Development

Todd Wagner
Managing Director

Gary Margolis, PhD.
Senior Advisor

This event is sponsored by Navigate360.

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