Expanding platform with visitor management and school safety solutions

February 6, 2019 | SchoolMint

SchoolMint today announced the acquisition of SureWatch, marking their entry into the campus management and student safety arena. The news follows an earlier announcement about the creation of the company’s EdTech Holdings platform, now named SchoolMint, Inc. the addition of Hero K12, and the subsequent addition of SchoolMint.

New Market Segment

“Our vision is to help educators create bright, sustainable futures,” said Jinal Jhaveri, CEO of SchoolMint. “The addition of SureWatch extends this promise, as we tackle the problem of school safety and its impact on school climate and culture. Districts that can create more positive, safer school environments are more likely to retain the families and students they serve.”

New SchoolMint Platform Branding

Originally referred to as EdTech Holdings, SchoolMint, Inc. has fully integrated Hero K12’s student behavior products, as well as SchoolMint’s enrollment management suite, combining their operational resources to provide scalable, innovative solutions for customers. “We currently serve more than 10% of the nation’s schools and over 4 million students,” explains Jhaveri. “We’ve integrated these incredible companies into one forward-thinking organization, dedicated to helping our nation’s educators create bright, sustainable futures.” The unified platform will rally around the SchoolMint brand and “Bright Years Ahead” tagline.

“The only change customers should notice is our new company name of SchoolMint,” reassured Jhaveri. “And they can expect to see all of our product’s capabilities grow at an even faster pace. We’re pouring more resources into all of our products, and at the same time, creating a world-class brand that schools can trust.”

About SchoolMint

SchoolMint Inc. is dedicated to helping educators create bright, sustainable futures. Serving over 4 million students and more than over 10,000 schools across the country, SchoolMint is the leading K-12 provider of solutions for strategic enrollment management, student behavior improvement -, and school safety – SureWatch. SchoolMint is transforming application & lottery management, registration/re-enrollment, tardy tracking, and positive behavior reinforcement to make school operations more efficient and fiscally sound. With products that put the family experience first, while generating powerful insights, the company is helping all schools across the K-12 landscape attract, enroll, and engage students. Their industry-leading SchoolFinder and Common App products are bringing equity to school choice and search, and their innovative solutions are making unified enrollment, school climate and culture improvement, and other student-centric ideals possible. SchoolMint is backed by BV Investment Partners and has U.S. offices in San Francisco, Miami, and New York. Learn more at SchoolMint.com.

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