Embedding climate data into all school activities

Climate data can be incorporated into staff and student meetings
By: | August 12, 2020

Principals can make sharing climate data a priority whether the school year beings with online learning or in-person.

Climate data can be incorporated into staff and student meetings, dashboards and bulletin boards, newsletters, and announcements.

This work can signal to the school community that principals are invested in a continuous improvement cycle, according to a climate data tool kit developed by The Aspen Institute Education & Society Program.

One way to start this process is by using short, formative checks of key climate indicators. These semester-long checks can include surveys and gathering input from students.

Teachers and school community groups can use this real-time data to make adjustments based on students’ needs.

Climate work should be identified in the school budget to better set goals for improving school environments.

Finally, climate data should be a part of coaching, hiring and teacher observations.

“Each phase of the talent pipeline is an opportunity to reflect on climate data during in-service, with teacher teams, and during interviews,” The Aspen Insitute’s tool kit says.

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