EdTech Trends to Watch in 2020: What K-12 Leaders Need to Know

Date of broadcast: Tue, 11/26/19

Administrators have taken great strides to leverage technology across districts to improve student outcomes and engage students in meaningful ways. What’s in store for 2020 and is the best yet to come?

In this pre-recorded webinar, three K-12 tech thought leaders and administrators discuss major ed tech trends in 2020, as well as key topics that will impact schools and districts of all types and sizes. 

You will gain knowledge and insights into:

  • Interoperability benefits and keys to success 
  • Selecting and vetting open educational resources
  • Eliminating silos between fragmented ed tech products
  • Professional learning planning for educators


Jeffrey Felix, Ed.D.
Former Two-Time California Superintendent of the Year
Academic Advisory Board member

Tony Davis, Ph.D.
K-12 and Strategic Education Advisor

Frankie Jackson
Independent Director of Strategic Initiatives
Texas K-12 CTO Council
Education Technology Leader and Success Advocate