Edtech industry news

May 8, 2019 | GeoTel Communications/EducationSuperHighway, CI Security/Ednetics, Merit Network

Closing the classroom connectivity gap
GeoTel Communications/EducationSuperHighway
GeoTel Communications’ geospatial telecom datasets will deliver strategic insight, enabling EducationSuperHighway to assist the more than 2.3 million students who still lack access to the minimum connectivity required for digital learning and 1,350 schools without a fiber-optic connection. Read more…

Partnering to improve cybersecurity in schools
Ednetics/CI Security
A partnership between CI Security and Ednetics makes it easier for schools and universities to get around-the-clock information security monitoring, threat detection and responses for education networks. Read more…

Districts chosen to pilot Michigan data collection project
Merit Network/Quello Center at Michigan State University/M-Lab
Merit Network, in partnership with Michigan State University’s Quello Center and Measurement Lab, is addressing the digital divide in Michigan with access and availability data collection, and infrastructure investment and societal impact investigation and education. Three districts will pilot the Michigan Moonshot broadband data collection project. Read more…

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