Ed-tech energy: 7 tweets highlight #FETCchat insights

Featured ed-tech expert Ann Kozma offered guidance on engaging learners with the Flipgrid platform
By: | June 25, 2021
#FETCchat takes place every Tuesday and features a special guest expert's insights on engaging students with ed-tech.#FETCchat takes place every Tuesday, and features a special guest expert's insights on engaging students with ed-tech.

If pictures are worth 1,000 words, what’s the educational value of video? That question, and how ed-tech empowers student and teacher creativity, was the focus of Tuesday’s weekly #FETCchat on Twitter.

One participant, @WhatTheTrigMath, said they use video to evaluate their own teaching and awaken students’ critical thinking:

Another, @mrlerchclass, said video offers teachers more authentic ways to assess students’ learning:

And @KristenBrooks77 said video allows students to “Create More Than They Consume”:

This week’s #FETCchat featured ed-tech expert Ann Kozma, an educator innovation lead at Microsoft, who offered guidance on using the Flipgrid platform to amplify and empower voices in the classroom:

Teacher @ladylanguage411 extolled the “vibe” video add to self-expression:

Educators also talked about how to use the tool to respect diverse voices and perspectives:

@mrsjones72812 tweeted about her favorite Flipgrid features:

The next #FETCchat takes place on July 6, featuring teacher-librarian and author Jennifer Casa-Todd (@JCasaTodd), who will guide a discussion on empowering students to become digital leaders.

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