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By continually removing barriers to participation in after-school and summer programs, we are leveling the playing field for our most disadvantaged students. Read more>>

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The Washington Post

“Sensitive, personally identifiable information” of more than 1.4 million students and more than 200,000 teachers was improperly stored by the Maryland State Department of Education, leaving them at risk of identity theft, according to a recent audit. Read more>>

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The Seattle Times

The Washington Department of Natural Resources sent individual assessments of earthquake risk to administrators for 222 school buildings. Of the buildings assessed, most would be unsafe to occupy after a powerful quake, about a quarter would not be able to be repaired and 43 percent posed a “high” or “very high” risk for loss of life. Read more>>

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A new allocation of funding in Ohio’s new state operating budget will fuel a significant expansion of the Health IT in the CLE Community Classroom, which provides afterschool computer and data science instruction to students within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District who do not have access to relevant coursework. Read more>>


The Blackboard Reporting Stack Developer Tier will provide clients with direct access to data sets through a Snowflake data warehouse integration. Clients will also have access to the Blackboard Data User Interface, which includes a data dictionary and integrated privacy guidance. Read more>>


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