Do Texas lawmakers’ plans rein in school district property taxes?

April 25, 2019 | The Texas Tribune

Texas lawmakers have given property tax reform top billing this legislative session, and they agree that tamping down school taxes is the best way to lower Texans’ tax bills.

That’s because school taxes make up more than half the total property taxes in the state. And the average school district tax rate has slightly and gradually increased since 2006, though skyrocketing local property values across the state are the main reason why the average tax bill gets higher and higher.

But figuring out how to limit that portion of the tax bill has proven monumentally complicated. Three-quarters of the way through the legislative session, lawmakers agree on how much they want to spend on tax relief but are still juggling several proposals, including some that would not provide any help. And it’s unclear whether some of the people backing certain ideas understand how the school tax system works.

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