District-wide projector implementation transforms Arizona schools

Casio LampFree® projectors increase classroom engagement at Phoenix Union High School District
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February 4, 2015

When the projectors throughout the Phoenix Union High School District were found to be outdated and inefficient in 2013, administrators knew they were due for an upgrade. “During a larger initiative to increase student engagement across the district, I noticed that the projectors we had were so old and were so dim that it was impacting classroom management and student engagement,” says Don Fournier, the district’s division manager of information services.

After a search for the perfect classroom projector, Fournier says, Casio’s XJ-M250 model was the only one that met all of the district’s needs. These LampFree®, Laser and LED models are DLP 3D ready and have auto brightness adjustment to save power and to reduce eye fatigue. The USB models allow Wi-Fi connectivity so users can display wireless presentations from a laptop or by using MobiShow, a smartphone application, which is a smartphone application that enables presentations to be created with a mobile device. The mercury-free Laser & LED light source also provides lifespan 10 times longer than that of mercury lamp. It also reaches its maximum brightness in a minimum of eight seconds and requires no cooling down period. Last year, 1,400 of these Casio projectors were purchased for all of the classrooms and conference rooms in the 16-building, 27,000-student district.

Fournier says the purchase was incredibly cost-effective from a maintenance standpoint, which was important since Phoenix Union is a large district. “Their Laser and LED light source was a big deal for us,” Fournier explains. “Being in Arizona, we have to air-condition our schools year-round, and LED bulbs do not produce excess heat. They are also incredibly low-maintenance and do not have bulbs that need to be changed every year, which saves us money.” The projectors’ auto-off feature also ensured savings in energy and electricity costs. In the past, teachers would often shut down their computers at the end of the day, but would forget to turn off their old projectors. The XJM250s enter standby mode after 10 minutes without a signal.

The projectors also impacted the classroom learning environment in a positive way, says Nora Gutierrez, Phoenix Union’s assistant superintendent for operations. Instead of having to turn off all the lights and close classroom blinds, the Casio projectors can produce a clear image with the lights on because of their high brightness. More teachers are using the projectors to increase engagement and student collaboration, and to create interactive lessons in the classroom. “Teachers are enjoying the fact that they can use the projectors with the lights on, which allows them to manage the classroom more effectively,” Gutierrez says. “That feature also allows administrators to better evaluate and monitor teacher’s assessments.”

Teachers at Phoenix Union also had no problem learning to operate the easy-to-use projectors. “A year after the implementation, there has been a lot of praise, and literally zero complaints about the projectors,” Gutierrez says. “Because there is a device in every classroom, all of our teachers have been collaborating and sharing the lessons they have developed using their projector.” After seeing benefits of the Casio’s projectors across the district, administrators at Phoenix Union say they’re very passionate about the success of the implementation. “Overall, a projector is a basic piece of equipment for teachers and is traditionally a classroom standard,” says Fournier. “With Casio’s line of Lamp- Free® projectors, it is now a necessary tool that is both effective and affordable.”

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