Matt Zalaznick

Imagine an AI camera livestreaming high schools sports, or even replacing an entire camera crew to broadcast a junior varsity soccer game. That’s no longer a wild fantasy for players, parents or athletic directors. Read more>>

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Teachers have found creative ways to organize materials and activities from the confines of a cart. It’s only fair that the cart itself should be doing all it can to support this endeavor, including making it easier to use and transport tech. Read more>>

Jennifer Herseim

Charlie Jimmerson, director of technology at Marshall County Public Schools in Alabama, focuses on monitoring for harm and how technology provides districts with information about potential signs of self-harm or cyberbullying. Read more>>

Melissa Nicefaro

Districts of Distinction update: Two years later, Lennox School District’s Schools of Engineering program in California is going strong and has expanded its STEM offerings. Read more>>

Ray Bendici

Here's a roundup of veteran K12 educators who track the latest edtech trends and offer practical advice and tips for using technology to enhance learning. Read more>>

The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore’s school system has long described its vocational programs as a clear path to solid employment. But in reality, a new report says, these CTE programs don’t live up to their promise. Six years out of school, students who completed a CTE program earned an annual median income of less than $13,000, according to the report. These young adults described a lack of guidance and a lack of meaningful real-world experience. Read more>>

The Washington Post

The Florida school system's officials said they would install a camera-software combination that would allow security officials to track students based on their appearance. A guard could pull up video of locations where a student has been recorded on campus. The supercharged surveillance network has raised major questions about its accuracy, invasiveness and effectiveness. Read more>>

PowerSchool, Illuminate Education, Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc.

PowerSchool's PowerSchool SIS was selected by the Alabama State Department of Education to provide statewide services. ... Illuminate Education's Achievement Dashboard is a new interactive tool that provides insights into datasets. ... Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc.'s VizZle has launched a beta version of a new digital curriculum solution for K12 special education programs in Texas. Read more>>

District Administration

Compared to their affluent peers, students from low-income backgrounds rarely become inventors. But more significant exposure to STEM levels the playing field. Find out how district leaders can promote immersive learning environments that engage all students in STEM. Read more>>

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