Steven Blackburn

One of the oldest districts in the nation recently completed its first construction project in 15 years by rebuilding a school to accommodate STEM learning for grades 6 through 12. Administrators in Boston Public Schools wanted to make an existing school more STEM-driven, but since the building could not support the necessary renovations, it was demolished to make way for a new facility. Read more>>

The Telegraph

Students at Porter Elementary are part of pilot program for Keenville, a computer-based video game-like assessment application. The new test was made available to first and second grade students at all public schools in Georgia at the beginning of the school year, but it is up to each teacher whether to use it in the classroom. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report

The gap between girls and boys in math performance is far smaller than many believe, even at the high school and college level where girls perform similarly to boys, according to research. Elementary schools are introducing their students to engineering principles, hoping to inspire a life-long interest in STEM fields. But it seems to be girls’ confidence about their abilities in math and their interest in pursuing STEM careers that drops after middle school. Read more>>

Deseret News

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development, in conjunction with diesel industry partners and education leaders, announced the expansion of the Utah Diesel Technician Pathways Program to Davis and Tooele counties. The pathways initiative was developed to create more opportunities for Utah students by providing a direct route from high school and college into the workforce. Read more>>

Getting Smart

Countless data sources shed light on the skill gap issue: high school assessments, ACT/SAT scores, college applications, financial aid, college attendance—the list goes on. In order to support the evolution of our talent pipeline, data interoperability is essential. We need the data from various school districts—all with different tech vendors and systems—to speak the same language. We need to begin collecting robust, real-time data in a way that made deep analysis and scalability possible. Read more>>


The Missouri school's technology students are working to make their classroom more interactive for students. The school's tech class is building CO2-powered dragsters students designed aerodynamically after performing sketches and research. Then they replicate those designs onto wood. Read more>>

Chalkbeat Tennessee

Gov. Bill Lee said that he wants to increase teacher pay and invest more money in programs for career, technical and agricultural education, but did not say how much that will cost. The leader expects to complete his first proposed spending plan in early February. Read more>>

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