Detroit coalition uses ‘Count Me In’ campaign to boost school enrollment

By: | September 2, 2020

As school districts across the state kick off their academic year and parents make difficult decisions on how and where students will learn, an effort is underway to ensure every student in Detroit is enrolled in school.

Every School Day Counts Detroit, a coalition of community organizations and schools working to support student attendance, began the “Count Me In” campaign to assist families with resources and information to enroll their children in school, whether they choose virtual or in-person classes.

“Too many of our youth are not connected or engaged, as evidenced by Detroit having the highest chronic absenteeism rates in the country,” said Christine Bell, executive director of Urban Neighborhood Initiative who helped start Every School Day Counts Detroit. “We want to reach 100% of the students in Detroit to make sure they get counted in at a school… but the long term solution to school connection, engagement and attendance must include the entire community because the source of the chronic absence is societal and requires a collaborative effort.”

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