Denver Public Schools offers 10 percent raises for teachers as possible strike approaches

Some Denver teachers could make $100,000, superintendent vows
January 14, 2019 | Denver Post

Denver Public Schools Superintendent Susana Cordova said the district is offering approximately 10 percent raises to teachers this year, putting educators on a track to make as much as $100,000 annually.

“Based on what we’re proposing today, the average teacher’s base salary will grow by roughly 10 percent,” Cordova said in her online video message released late Friday. “That’s growth from this year to next year, not growth over multiple years. We’ve also created a pathway to a $100,000 teacher, and that’s in our base pay.”

But Margaret Bobb, a recently retired DPS teacher, wrote an email to The Denver Post saying that the average teacher salary in Denver last year was $53,000. The 10 percent salary increase wouldn’t bring most teachers anywhere near $100,000, according to her.

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