Dallas ISD to pilot a $60,000 ‘participatory budgeting’ program

October 7, 2019 | The Dallas Morning News

Tucked inside a list of budget amendments—brought to a vote late in the night at the most recent Dallas ISD’s board meeting—was something that could revolutionize the way school districts spend money.

DISD trustees unanimously approved a small $60,000 pilot that would ask students and community members at local high schools to brainstorm, craft and compete for grants to fund a project of their choice on their campuses. The process, known as participatory budgeting, is designed to spark interest and engagement around how governmental bodies make choices and fund them.

The hope, said José Perez—an education justice organizer for Texas Organizing Project, which pushed for the pilot—is that DISD parents and students will become “more invested” in their local campuses.

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