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Jacie Maslyk discusses personalized professional development and the importance of fostering classroom creativity. Read more>>

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Protecting students from risky behaviors should be easy to implement for educators and high-impact for students. Google for Education and Gaggle came together to create a digital safety net that safeguarded over a million students last year alone. Read more>>


The hands-on sandbox learning opportunities at FETC 2020 will focus on cutting edge tools like AR/MR/VR, makerspace tech and more. Read more>>

Tony Vincent

As a teacher, I didn’t want my class to be known as “Mr. Vincent’s Fifth Grade.” Rather than making myself the focus, I set out to give my students ownership over our collective brand, says guest columnist Tony Vincent, an educator who lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and a featured speaker at DA’s FETC 2020. Read more>>


Connecting with new and old friends is one of the most crucial aspects of a conference. At FETC, you will have plenty of opportunities to grow your PLN. Take a look at the full schedule today to get started. Learn more>>

Trending on DA

Emily Ann Brown

When administrators in a South Carolina district launched a STEAM initiative, they didn't confine creativity to the art classroom. They expanded artistic design and construction to English, math, social studies and science. Read more>>

Eric Sheninger

Continuous reflection and learning are needed to move schools forward now. The world is changing. Jobs are changing. Expectations are changing. As such, teaching, learning and leadership must change if growth and improvement are the goals, says guest columnist Eric Sheninger, a senior fellow and thought leader with the International Center for Leadership in Education and a featured speaker at DA’s FETC 2020. Read more>>

Jennifer Herseim

Not having assistive technology available for a student who needs it can delay learning and cause frustration for everyone. Yet, as more tools become universally available within devices, administrators must also make sure staff are aware of these supports and how students can access them. Read more>>

Ray Bendici

Cyberattacks on school districts seeking financial compensation in exchange for unlocking infected computer networks have increased dramatically in 2019. Read more>>

Edtech in the News

ABC FOX Montana

The Montana college is teaming up with four high schools to pilot a robotics project and competition that could help save miners. The goal of the competition is to build a robot that could go into a mine after an accident and look for survivors. Read more>>

Times Record

The Fort Smith Public School district is $1.4 million closer to opening its new career and technology center after receiving a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce. The STEM facility, expected to cost around $13.7 million, will offer advanced manufacturing, IT and health care pathways. Read more>>

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