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DA staff

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Developing collaborative environments and using impactful technology are critical elements of a 21st century education model. Discover how one of Louisiana's first 21st century model elementary schools uses classroom audio and instructional technology to boost teacher and student collaboration and engagement. Read more>>

Ray Bendici

The FETC Information Technology track featured a wealth of ed tech experts, practical experiences, best practices and quality solutions. Read more>>

Jacie Maslyk, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker

DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Jacie Maslyk shares how being a learner, leading by example and connecting with colleagues allows leaders to move their schools forward. Read more>>

Tony Vincent, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker

Teachers and students can use animation to bring content to life, says DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Tony Vincent. GIFs can grab attention, illustrate ideas, break down a process into steps, show a sequence, and make content memorable. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn

Meet the winner of the multiround, two-day Pitchfest event at FETC 2020 that saw over 20 ed tech startups compete for a complimentary exhibit space at FETC 2021, a media advertising package in DA, and a special pitching session in the VIP lounge. Read more>>

From DA

Nancy Mann Jackson

School districts have been overwhelmed with the array of ed tech. For many K-12 leaders, the answer has been to hire instructional technology coaches to guide classroom implementation. Read more>>

Michael S. Kuhrt, DA guest columnist

A successful plan factors in students’ physical, mental, emotional and social health, says DA guest columnist Michael S. Kuhrt, superintendent of Wichita Falls ISD in Texas. Read more>>

Ariana Fine

Faced with a lack of school lab space and a need for more in-depth medical imaging, district leaders and science educators have been seeking alternatives to real animal dissections in class.  Read more>>

Edtech in the News


The surveillance industry is facing the reality that facial recognition isn't well-equipped for the challenges of preventing school shootings. Artificial intelligence experts and privacy advocates have long argued this point. Now, facial recognition companies are starting to understand it, too. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report

For much of the previous decade, ed tech advocates imagined a classroom where computer algorithms would differentiate instruction for each student. But a McKinsey & Co. report is reframing the argument for buying ed tech away from computerized instruction to something more pedestrian: saving teachers time. Read more>>

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