The Two-Minute Briefing for K12 Leaders

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Coronavirus has forced school closures from coast to coast, with districts from Washington to California to Pennsylvania closing for up to two weeks.

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How to implement predictive school operations

Many school administrators aren't able to make the most informed decisions about their facilities operations. Attend this DA webinar to learn how predictive operations can help your district. Register now


Inadequate and uneven school funding has raised equity issues around the activity of wealthy "helicopter parents," a new report says.

Each station at the “AR MR VR Experience Sandbox” session had a special mission, featuring opportunities to test smartphone apps, cameras, headsets and other devices.


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The Florida Senate passed a bill that would require panic alarms in public schools throughout the state. The House also is poised to pass a similar bill, though the Senate and House would have to work out differences in the details.

A Tennessee judge agreed to allow school choice advocates—including the Liberty Justice Center, the Institute for Justice and the Beacon Center of Tennessee—to intervene in a lawsuit challenging the legality of the state's school voucher program.


Santa Fe district officials announced their plans to implement Texas’ so-called Guardian Plan, which lets local school boards authorize specific employees to carry on campus at all times and determine their training standards.

The bill would adjust how black history is taught, expanding to pre-slavery and teaching about earlier contributions. Opposing lawmakers want to wait to expand until an existing black history curriculum task force completes an audit of schools’ history lessons.

For the second election in a row, Northwest CSD's bond failed, leaving the Michigan to find new ways to fund school upgrades. Northwest launched a donation portal allowing anybody to donate money toward an evolving list of projects in the district.

The Texas Education Agency announced a new appointed board and a new superintendent for Shepherd ISD, where two schools failed to meet state academic standards for five years.

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Has your school incorporated acoustical treatments into the design of various spaces, such as classrooms or auditoriums? DA is compiling information about and images of spaces that utilize acoustic elements in a visually pleasing way for a photo-heavy feature that will appear in a future issue.

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Hurricanes have ravaged coastal North Carolina multiple times over the last few years. Schools are trying to compensate, plan for future disruptions and help students readjust.

A new research paper out of North Carolina shows that even when high schools appear racially integrated, their classrooms are often racially segregated, providing more insight into the common practice of “tracking.”

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The Tethys educational integrated development environment developed in partnership with Finger Food Advanced Technology Group helps students learn to code through the use of SoftBank Robotics’ humanoid robot, Pepper.

Stanford University’s Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity launched RaceWorks, a free online resource created for educators and instructors teaching racial literacy. It contains videos, educational activities and evidence-based frameworks.