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Steven Blackburn
Lots of attention is paid to protecting students on school grounds but ensuring their safety while being transported to and from school is just as essential. Read more>>

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Learn how to effectively communicate with parents to keep them informed of their students' meal balances. Save staff time and make it simple for parents and guardians to pay online. Read more>>

Ariana Fine
Girls Take Flight program aims to diversify the students who earn FAA remote pilot certificates on their way to becoming drone operators. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn
Although tighter school budgets have resulted in a shortage of school nurses, research shows that having them on staff actually saves money in the long run. Read more>>

Top News

New rules on the state’s largest voucher program have meant a 400 percent increase in the number of public schools where students qualify for private school vouchers. Now the Ohio House Speaker says he has serious concerns and changes must be made quickly. Read more>>

In Philadelphia, schools are locked down on average every two days, often due to shootings on or near campus. The repeated lockdowns are affecting the education system. Read more>>

The state Board of Education approved plans by nearly 400 public schools to hire school counselors, social workers and police officers. The school safety grant program received a $20 million boost to its $12 million annual budget earlier this year. Read more>>

Portland Press Herald
The 2019 Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey shows that 28.7 percent of high school students in Maine used e-cigarettes, up from 15.3 percent in 2017. The trend has prompted the governor and state officials to call for more education on the public health risks associated with vaping use. Read more>>

The Connecticut Mirror
A state auditors’ report found that periodic Department of Motor Vehicles background checks on drivers already authorized to transport children are incomplete and that the state does not know whether school bus companies check to see if a current driver has been disqualified. Read more>>

The News & Observer
State Superintendent Mark Johnson is charging that more than 70,000 third-grade students have been “improperly socially promoted” since 2014, despite not meeting the requirements of the Read to Achieve program. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Washington Post
The holiday season brings concerns about what is legally allowed when it comes to religious expression in public schools. Some read a 1962 Supreme Court decision banning school-sponsored prayer in public schools as barring any type of religious expression—but that is not what federal courts have said. Read more>>

The New York Times
Biology textbooks do not go near the sensitive question of whether genetics can explain why African-Americans are overrepresented as football players and why a disproportionate number of American scientists are white or Asian. But in a new study, a group of biology teachers from across the country will address it head-on. Read more>>

Industry News

Science Interactive Group
eScience Labs, a provider of distance learning science lab kits and curriculum, will be merged with Science Interactive Group's Hands-On Labs experiential learning subsidiary. Read more>>

Weyo/One Animation
Weyo has partnered with One Animation for the launch of Oddbods' Oddlife, a new original app based on the The Oddbods Show. The pre-K app will be delivered through Apple's new ARKit3 augmented reality technology. Read more>>

People Watch

Daily Messenger
The Victor CSD appointed Timothy Terranova as superintendent as of February 2020. For the past five years, he has served as deputy superintendent of schools for the West Irondequoit School District. Terranova replaces interim Superintendent Dennis Ford. Read more>>

The Spokesman-Review
West Valley School District's Superintendent Gene Sementi is retiring after 31 years in the Washington district and eight years as superintendent. He will be replaced by current Assistant Superintendent Kyle Rydell. Read more>>