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Steven Blackburn
Districts across the U.S. are starting to adopt farm to school programs that connect schools to locally grown foods, promote agriculture education and encourage student-tended gardens, following National Farm to School Month in October. Read more>>

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New diesel engines are cleaner, easier to maintain and provide a lower cost of ownership. Don’t believe the misconceptions. Learn the truth about clean diesel. Read more>>

Glen Miller, DA guest columnist
While winter may be here, you should be thinking now about summer reading programs to take advantage of funding, says DA guest columnist Glen Miller. Read more>>

Patrick Turnage, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker
DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Patrick Turnage discusses a variety of resources to develop content that is not only accessible by students with disabilities but by everyone. Read more>>

Top News

State officials want to know if the Florida district moved children into special needs schools to shield them from having to take the FCAT—and artificially boost the Sarasota school system's standardized test scores. Read more>>

The Morning Call
Legislative leaders will need to figure out how many lawmakers support plans to cut or get rid of school property taxes as a study of the topic concludes. The final product is a list of options on how to shift the burden of financing a big piece of school districts’ operating costs from property taxes to other taxes. Read more>>

Superintendents across Ohio are upset with the state legislature. Next year, more schools in 18 Ohio districts will be required to provide EdChoice Scholarships—or vouchers—to parents who want to send their children to private schools. Read more>>

Chalkbeat/THE CITY
The city’s troubled system for handling complaints filed by parents of special education students has hit what lawyers are calling an "unprecedented and alarming" snag: an ongoing stretch with hearing officers unable to take on new cases. Read more>>

Associated Press via WESA
Pennsylvania public schools will now allow students to apply personal finance class credits toward high school graduation requirements. They can apply up to one credit to satisfy social studies, math, business education, or family and consumer science requirements for graduation. Read more>>

HealthDay News
The study of nearly 180,000 high school students determined that a combination of federal and state regulations was most effective in keeping guns out of school backpacks. In states that had background checks, the odds dropped by one-quarter. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

Fast Company
While some school districts want to switch to electric buses, the costs can be very high for cash-strapped educational systems. But in Virginia, a local utility company wants to help foot the bill and make use of the batteries in the buses to store power for the grid. Read more>>

Getting Smart
Let’s make learning relevant to our students by instilling it with purpose—not some distant, possible purpose, but purpose right now. And let’s do that in the most powerful way possible: by helping our students to positively impact the world. Today. Read more>>

Industry News

The Jason Foundation
The Jason Foundation, Inc. is offering its professional development series on youth suicide awareness and prevention at no cost. Participants learn to recognize a young person who may be struggling, how to approach them and what resources are available. Read more>>

Zearn's elementary math curriculum—Zearn Math—is the only instructional material recommended for all grades K–5 in New Mexico, following a rigorous review process by the state's Public Education Department. Read more>>