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Steven Blackburn
While several states have laws that either require or allow the use of cameras in special ed classrooms, some districts are pursuing their own school surveillance policies to improve student and teacher safety. Read more>>

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Engage reluctant readers by pointing them toward their peers' favorite books—titles that have proven their ability to capture kids' attention. Research reveals the titles and themes kids love most. Read more>>

Chris Burt
The Center for Educational Innovation is hosting an NBA2K esports tournament at OS-NYC on Giving Tuesday in Manhattan that will give students the chance to learn, play and connect together. Read more>>

On Tuesday, January 14, FETC will take you on a technology field trip. Choose one digital learning site to visit from the registration menu. Each site visit will include an overview of the school’s program and classroom visits plus opportunities to engage staff and administrators in discussion. Use Source Code DAMAG20. Read more>>

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Massachusetts lawmakers reported a compromise bill out of conference committee that would pump billions of dollars into school districts over a seven-year phase-in. Read more>>

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LEGO Education focuses on building student confidence in STEAM subjects with hands-on learning and engaging activities. Read more>>

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia School Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. announced a new environmental safety plan, pledging quicker response to asbestos concerns in school buildings and better communication with affected communities. Read more>>

Memphis Commercial Appeal
Tennessee’s school vouchers will be considered federally taxable income, the state’s education commissioner said. It’s prompted at least one legislator to oppose the fall implementation of the controversial program. Read more>>

In a first-of-its-kind experiment, D.C. Public Schools will give at-risk students—those who receive welfare or food stamps, are without housing or are in foster care—a preference in the admissions lottery for a new school scheduled to open next academic year. Read more>>

Thousands of Indiana teachers went to Indianapolis into a sea of red as they demanded better pay and more funding for public schools. At least 147 school districts canceled classes Tuesday for the "Red for Ed Action Day." Read more>>

Mountain View Voice
Homeless students could be falling through the cracks at California's schools, ending up shut out of aid and services meant to put them on equal footing with their peers, according to a new report by the State Auditor's Office. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Secret Service report examined school shootings in hopes of preventing future attacks. There were commonalities that many attackers shared, including a history of disciplinary actions, being absent from school before the attack and having multiple motives. Read more>>

The Huffington Post
Ohio's state House of Representatives has passed a bill that some critics fear could require teachers to accept faith-based answers on school assignments―even if those responses are contradicted by scientific facts. Read more>>

Industry News

Riverside Insights
Riverside Insights introduced the IowaFlex adaptive achievement assessment. It connects the standards of the Iowa Assessments to the flexibility of a custom-testing experience tailored to each student’s ability level. Read more>>

Roblox is teaming up with The Walt Disney Studios on the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Creator Challenge. Roblox players can design and build their own driftspeeder to race against other players, and unlock virtual items. Read more>>