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Emily Ann Brown
Librarians still check out books, but they also offer advice on instruction in a range of hands-on activities, including makerspaces, robotics and paper therapy. Read more>>

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An English language development teacher shares the strategies she uses to help students get back on track and learn to love reading. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn
Districts of Distinction honoree Baltimore County Public Schools creates equitable learning opportunities for students across the district with a mobile innovation lab. Read more>>

A.M. DeNisco
Educators need to consider numerous issues when trying to implement ethnic studies, including the lack of funding and professional development, and the debate over what content is appropriate to include. Read more>>

Top News

Nashville Tennessean
The education department plans to put aside $15 million for the education savings account and spend $2 million on administrative costs. The $15 million will be used in the program's first year to provide money to offset the students leaving the districts. Read more>>

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In this case study, a Pennsylvania district saves money with ABM by eliminating waste, fixing facility problems and building effectiveness. In addition, a Q&A covers how to consume resources to benefit students. Read more>>

Chalkbeat Newark
Newark schools are putting an additional $6.5 million toward student mental health starting this year, thanks to two grants from the federal education department. Read more>>

Louisville Courier Journal via USA Today
Charter schools have been legal in Kentucky since 2017, but no one has tried to open one—until now. A group of parents applied to open the first charter school in Kentucky. River Cities Academy, through Newport Independent Schools, would accept students from six towns. Read more>>

The Dallas Morning News
A Dallas ISD trustee wants to require each special education classroom in the district to have video cameras to protect vulnerable students as well as teachers if they are falsely accused of wrongdoing. Texas public schools are required to place one in a special education setting if a parent requests it. Read more>>

At least four of the state’s school districts have or are considering joining a lawsuit against e-cigarette maker Juul. Among them are Tolleson Union High School District and Alhambra Elementary School District. Read more>>

WAMU/Guns & America
The Secret Service and National Threat Assessment Center's new report focused on targeted school violence, including school shootings. While attackers were predominantly male, 17 percent were female. Sixty-three percent were white. And when it comes to motivation, the report found a variety of "stressors." Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

Associated Press
Although most young Americans believe in the value of higher education, many still consider a high school diploma alone to be enough for success, according to a survey of teens and young adults by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Read more>>

U.S. News & World Report
Boys and girls experience learning math in the same way. The study, published in Science of Learning, discovered that young boys and girls use the same mechanisms and networks in the brain to solve math problems. Read more>>

Industry News

Norwalk Public Schools will use Nearpod's technology to deliver digital citizenship instruction, offer a virtual reality resource for the district's world language students, and include as an instructional tool for its library media and digital support staff. Read more>>

With the implementation of a new Livingtree feature, school districts will be able to directly pre-approve requests made for any fundraising website by a teacher or school program and access data regarding the district's fundraising activities. Read more>>

People Watch

The Bridgton News
Alan R. Smith is back as SAD 61’s superintendent of schools. The school board rehired Smith, who retired in September and was replaced on an interim basis. Read more>>

The Dedham Transcript
Jill Rossetti began as the new superintendent of the Massachusetts regional school district. She replaced James Quaglia, who retired in September 2019, on an interim basis until the Blue Hills Regional District's school committee appointed her permanently. Read more>>