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DA Staff
The first-of-its-kind event will be dedicated to esports and academics, and provide the tools and structure needed to help launch and advance esports programs and transform learning. Read more>>

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Learn how First Student helped the Montrose County School District implement a five-step proactive approach to behavior and integrate it with the Colorado school district's existing anti-bullying programs. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick
Latest research finds some screen time, from some sources, doesn’t harm grades. So educators and parents must find the right balance for ed tech and entertainment. Read more>>

Rachelle Dene Poth, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker
It's becoming more common for students to work in groups rather than individually. DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Rachelle Dene Poth says creating these active learning communities can positively impact a learner's ability and help meet individual learner goals. Read more>>

Top News

Orlando Sentinel
The troubled Florida Virtual School should get a new governor-appointed board, new ethics standards for employees and a new inspector general inside the school to oversee internal audits and investigations, according to a Florida Department of Education report. Read more>>

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Flipping the classroom is the key to a student-centered, active learning approach that wePresent makes possible. See how a wireless presentation system brings collaboration to your classroom. Read more>>

The Chicago Public Schools' agreement with the Chicago Teachers Union covers reducing class sizes and bringing in more nurses, librarians and social workers. Some improvements will be noticeable right away, while the protections related to class size will start in the second semester. Read more>>

Houston Chronicle
Students with mild learning disabilities who were kicked out of special education services were less likely to graduate high school or enroll in college, according to a study of how Texas’ now-discarded cap on special education services impacted children. Read more>>

Dayton Daily News
The Ohio House voted for a bill that would add failure to stop for a school bus to the distracted driving law. Citations under that law give motorists a choice of paying a fine or taking a course. Read more>>

Bowling Green Daily News
A group of superintendents gathered to oppose state cuts to school funding and the "privatization" of those funds. The superintendents said restoring funding for teacher training, textbooks and instructional materials as well as support for new teachers and administrators will be their main priorities in next year’s legislative session. Read more>>

Chalkbeat Colorado
In his 2020-21 budget request, Gov. Jared Polis is seeking $27.6 million to add 6,000 new slots to the Colorado Preschool Program. It would allow Colorado to serve half of an estimated 80,000 eligible preschool-age children. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

Honolulu Civil Beat
Similar to last year's results, Hawaii’s school quality survey results for middle schoolers for the 2018-19 school year show that 64 percent of students recorded a positive response to the question of safety while 50 percent "strongly agreed" or "agreed" that they felt safe from peer bullying. Read more>>

The Washington Post
A growing number of schools share buildings and facilities with other schools. Although on the surface it seems to make sense to give empty space in a public school building to, say, a charter school without a brick-and-mortar home, there are a variety of issues that make this a far more problematic “solution” than it seems. Read more>>

Industry News

DreamBox Learning/MetaMetrics
Teachers can now create differentiated math assignments for individual students using DreamBox Learning's DreamBox AssignFocus and the Quantile Framework for Mathematics, developed by MetaMetrics. Read more>>

Square Panda
Square Panda debuted SquareTales, a system of digital and companion print books that works together with the Square Panda learning games and playset to help pre-K and elementary students develop skills to read sentences, books and other connected text. Read more>>