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Two major law centers are taking aim at school voucher programs across the country. The groups are kicking off a new campaign to drive more public dollars to public schools, called Public Funds Public Schools. Read more>>

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Devices and classroom layouts are ever-changing. As a result, the technology deployment will always be changing as well. That’s why Towers by PowerGistics are built to evolve to meet changing deployment needs. Read more>>

The Washington Post
Cheerleaders at a North Carolina high school have found themselves under a national spotlight for displaying a political banner at a school event. One state representative asked why students were being punished for exercising their First Amendment rights and requests to know what rule had been violated. Read more>>

California Healthline
The vaping market is crowded with sleek, camouflaged devices, including the newest addition of a hood with drawstrings that can be used as a vaping device. They have teachers and parents struggling to monitor illicit usage of a product that has surged in popularity among high schoolers. Read more>>

The Denver Post
Student athletes in Jeffco Public Schools may need to get out of class earlier or rely on charter buses to get to competitions as the district copes with a driver shortage. Read more>>

Chalkbeat Tennessee
Just one of 11 charter school applications were approved by the Shelby County Schools board, the lowest number since charter schools began opening in Memphis in 2003. The decisions were made under a new charter school policy that allows the district to decide where to open schools based on neighborhood needs. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

Getting Smart
For many, a broader range of career options is only discovered later, near the end of high school or even in college, when the financial clock starts ticking. They must then scramble to make a decision that may not be the right one. Career exploration should be more of a priority in the K–12 world, and it should start in middle school. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report
There’s more at stake than the educational benefits of having black teachers for black students. Ultimately, all students benefit from teachers of color, as exposure to individuals from all walks of life can reduce stereotypes, prevent unconscious bias and prepare students to succeed in a diverse society. Read more>>

Industry News

PBLWorks/Students Rebuild
PBLWorks has partnered with Students Rebuild, a program of the Bezos Family Foundation, to create an English, math and science unit for the upcoming Hunger Challenge. Students participating in the challenge research hunger and malnutrition and develop potential solutions to these issues. Read more>>

Construction Watch

Construction classes at Hamilton Heights High School are giving students a hands-on education. This program, the first State Earn and Learn Program of its kind in Indiana, was developed through a partnership with the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation. Read more>>

Idaho Press
Idaho is one of a handful of states that uses bonds and levies as the only way to fund new construction in school districts. To diminish how much local taxpayers are footing, several districts are asking for the state to pay for half of school districts’ bond payments for new facilities or make school districts eligible to collect impact fees. Read more>>