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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A proposed Atlanta Public Schools and City of Atlanta program would open up schoolyards for use as public parks after school, on weekends and summer breaks. Read more>>

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English language learners at different language proficiency levels often have different learning needs. Discover how to pinpoint their needs and target instruction to boost achievement. Read more>>

The Baltimore Sun
The Johns Hopkins University will create a new interdisciplinary center for school safety and health for school leaders. The center will bring together more than two dozen faculty from disciplines as diverse as education and public health to applied physics. Read more>>

The Times Union
A report from the state School Boards Association revealed that 20 percent of New York superintendents have a shortage of teachers for English language learners, while 52 percent said they struggled to fill the positions. Read more>>

Chalkbeat Indiana
If online students fail to log into classes for too long, virtual schools must kick them out, under a new Indiana law. Students who want to go to an online school now also have to complete an orientation session with a guardian to better understand the expectations of a virtual learning environment. Read more>>

The Charleston Gazette-Mail
Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Patricia Rucker said West Virginia’s upcoming special legislative session on education will include additional bills on charter schools and education savings accounts. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

PBS News Hour
Fewer than 40 percent of fourth and eighth grade students nationwide are proficient readers. Now, led by parents of children with dyslexia, some states are trying to change how reading is taught. In Arkansas, a group of determined advocates have upended traditional reading instruction. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report
About 6 percent of students nationwide are “twice exceptional,” or 2e: They have high academic aptitude but struggle with ADHD, mild autism, dyslexia, or other learning and behavioral challenges. Parents say it’s often impossible to find schools to educate them. Now some are fighting to change that. Read more>>

Industry News

EducationSuperHighway/GeoTel Communications
A partnership will leverage GeoTel Communications’ geospatial telecom datasets to deliver strategic insight, enabling EducationSuperHighway to assist the more than 2.3 million students across the nation who still lack access to the minimum connectivity required for digital learning and the 1,350 schools without a fiber-optic connection. Read more>>

Excelligence Learning Corporation/Frog Street Press
Excelligence Learning Corporation has acquired the Letter People and the DIG comprehensive pre-K curriculum from Abrams Learning Trends. The Abrams products acquired will be incorporated into Frog Street Press, a subsidiary of Excelligence. Read more>>

Wake Up Stars is a storytelling game developed by board game designer Dr. Reiner Knizia. The second game, Lily Pond, helps build foundational reading skills. Read more>>

People Watch

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Mike Looney will be the next superintendent of Fulton County Schools, Georgia’s fourth largest school district. He has been the superintendent of Williamson County Schools in Tennessee for nearly a decade. Read more>>

The Titusville Herald
The Pennsylvania district’s school board named Stephanie Keebler as the district’s new superintendent, replacing retiring Superintendent Karen Jez. Keebler previously worked for the district as director of federal programs. Read more>>

The Roanoke Times
The Virginia district’s school board appointed Lisa Chen to replace retiring Superintendent John Busher. Chen is currently the assistant superintendent of public instruction at Louisa County Public Schools. Read more>>