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Nashville Tennessean
A committee tasked with settling the differences between the House and Senate’s version of the Tennessee school vouchers bill approved a compromised version that limits the program to schools in certain districts only. The amendment also would not allow home-schooled students to participate in the education savings account legislation. Read more>>

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A number of bills made it out of the House education committee, including one that could transform how the Innovative School District (ISD) operates. The legislation creates a three-year phased process for selection into the ISD and requires that districts and school communities be appraised of the situation in the school. Read more>>

Portland Press Herald
The Maine Senate voted to pass a bill that would prohibit public schools and colleges from using depictions of Native Americans in mascots, logos or nicknames. The measure, which comes after a years-long debate, has now received initial approval in both chambers of the Legislature. Read more>>

Associated Press via The Detroit News
Michigan will delay a key change in its evaluation system for teachers and schools administrators under measures approved by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The two bills will halt, at least for a year, a requirement that student growth and assessment data be given greater weight in educators’ year-end performance evaluations. Read more>>

The Texas Tribune
The Texas Senate approved a sweeping school safety bill aimed at preventing—or at least mitigating—another mass tragedy. The bill attempts to strengthen mental health initiatives in Texas schools, establish threat assessment teams and other initiatives. Read more>>

Colorado parents will be able to enroll their children in full-day kindergarten at no cost starting this fall. While most kindergarten students already attend full-day programs, in many districts parents pay tuition or districts pull from other needs to cover the cost. Read more>>

Opinion & Analysis

The Washington Post
We could design financial education more closely aligned with the financial needs and choices of average Americans, and divine a way to deliver it at the exact right moment. But until we do, kids would be much better off spending more time in ordinary math classes rather than financial-education courses. Read more>>

The 74
Uncorrected vision problems can worsen over time and interfere with children’s ability not only to see but also to learn. The most common cause of vision impairment for children can be detected with a vision screening and an eye exam. More nonprofit optometry providers are bringing exams and glasses to students. Read more>>

A study, released by American Institutes for Research, shows that states that changed their standards most dramatically by adopting the Common Core didn’t outpace other states on federal NAEP exams. By 2017, the standards appear to have led to modest declines in fourth-grade reading and eighth-grade math scores. Read more>>

Industry News

Cengage and McGraw-Hill are merging to create a combined company with more than 44,000 titles, including McGraw-Hill’s portfolio of literacy, math, science and humanities curricula, and adaptive technologies, with Cengage Advanced Placement offerings. Read more>>

Pilot Light
Through Pilot Light’s new Food Education Fellowship, teachers will provide weekly food education in their Chicago classrooms, incorporating food as a lens for traditional subjects, such as math, reading, history and science. Read more>>

bulb Digital Portfolios/Future Ready Schools
bulb Digital Portfolios announced the renewing of its partnership with Future Ready Schools as the sole sponsor of the FRS Leadership Institute Instructional Coaches strand. The framework emphasizes collaborative leadership and innovative school culture for district leaders. Read more>>